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We're huge fans of the little known band Slap Martin and the Blue Notes, so it was a privilege to get to do the graphic design for Slap and his dobro laden jam-masters.  If you don't follow Slap, this is your introduction to his artistry born of the backroads of Mississippi and honed in the century old theaters turned bars that populate the old French trading ports up and down the Mississippi river.

Slap is famous for riding vintage cafe racer Triumph Bonneville motorcycles with his guitar strapped to the luggage rack.  His band, The Blue Notes, travels in two 1970's GMC motorhomes, one of which is the current unofficial night land speed record holder for a fully loaded band bus on the Bonneville Salt Flats, 127.345mph with wind assist.

Slap was uneducated as a youth, but spent four years at university in England studying music theory and music sociology with Belfrank Hausten Mitchell, V gaining his full letters.

We're looking forward to some more design and video documentary work this coming summer when Slap and the Blue Notes donate their time aboard a scientific research vessel off the coast of Patagonia studying global warming on island culture and the effects on music of the inhabitants.

Meanwhile we will be listening to Slap's latest LP pressing The Mau Mau Duck Pit Anthology - widely considered the most esoteric blues album in history.

Follow along on the blog to learn more about Slap in the months to come.