Custom Design and Prototype



Sometimes you have to make stuff.  Cut wood.  Measure things.  Assemble items.  Put slot A into slot B.  Solder this wire to that.  Make things come to life.   In those cases, the Macs are abandoned, the shop apron goes on and the creative carnage begins.  In the end, perfect props, trade-show displays, custom manufactured gizmos are birthed and the creative world shines a little brighter.  Nothing seems to be off limits - a parade float for the local university, a custom van and trailer for a promotion, a custom golf-cart for a bank, a foot controlled on-off switch.  Clients like to dole out the unusual assignments and the TMG team likes to craft the solutions.

Full size mockups.  The experience a customer has when they walk into a place of business is paramount, but how do you test that experience or design concept before construction?.  Stage A has on more than one occasion been the answer for our clients by letting them construct full scale mockups of trade show booths, displays and more.